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Tarot is often seen in the media (especially Hollywood films!) as this evil practice where every reading starts with the "you'll meet a man who is tall, dark and handsome" and ends up with the fabled "you're going to die in 6 months".

In practicality there is no card that will forewarn of physical death or excessively nasty things. Yes there are the warning cards but that's what tarot is - it's a system that can help people to tackle situations in their life - they are a tool, like a pendulum, a set of runes, meditation - to help you connect with your guides and aid someone on their path. Reading tarot is about empowering the readee to take positive steps in their life to attain their goals or give them a bit of guidance on where things are going.

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The short and curlys of it though is that Tarot isn't as dark as it is often perceived to be, if you are of good intention then only good spirits/energies come forward...

Tarot isn't about reading a future that is set in stone – the future is ever changing depending on our actions as we are masters of our own destiny. Any divinatory or ‘future’ readings given here are only the outcome if you continue on your current path. If a future our outcome card comes up that you don’t like the look of – change it! Change your perception of the issue, change your actions_

To get your free reading on this website you can either ask about a specific question or ask for a general wisdom reading (just type wisdom into the question box). Keep the though in your head a click on ‘Get my Free Reading’ and your cards will be drawn for you instantly.

The Available Spreads

Past, Present, Future

Uses for spread: A quick overview of a situation

Do I need to ask a question to read this spread? Not necessarily. To get a general whats going on, just ask in your mind for a 'Wisdom' reading before you hit the 'get my reading' button. Or you can ask specifically about a situation.

Number of cards drawn: 3

5 Card Draw

Uses for spread: A good way of determining action required in a situation

Do I need to ask a question to read this spread? Yes but it needs to be specific (ie, what will happen if I change my job rather than .what should I do career wise.).

Number of cards drawn: 5